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*NEW* 52 Week Drawing Tutorial - Volume 5

*NEW* 52 Week Drawing Tutorial - Volume 5

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Simple and easy drawing tutorials!

Enjoy a completely brand new set of drawing tutorials for 2024. Dedicate a few minutes each week to draw one lesson for a consistent creative practice, or spend an entire weekend binging the entire collection.

Receive instant access to all 52 printable downloads! Each unique drawing tutorials provides easy, step-by-step, drawing instructions that show you how to draw simple artwork and doodles. 

Please note this is a digital download, no physical product will be shipped. Due to the digital nature of our files, we are unable to provide refunds. Please purchase carefully, if you have any concerns about your download, please reach out to us. Your understanding is appreciated!

Here’s a list of what’s included in this collection!

Week 1 Onesie
Week 2 Steam
Week 3 Moka Pot
Week 4 Origami Trio* (Paper Airplane, Paper Boat & Pinwheel)
Week 5 Fence
Week 6 Paper Lantern
Week 7 VW Beetle
Week 8 Rattle
Week 9 Cheese
Week 10 Horse Shoe
Week 11 Leprechaun Hat
Week 12 Clover / Shamrock
Week 13 Bunny Butt
Week 14 Garden Trio* (Spade, Watering Can & Seed Packets)
Week 15 Popcorn
Week 16 Roller skate 
Week 17 Pyramid
Week 18 Brontosaurus
Week 19 Graduation Cap
Week 20 Magnolia Flower
Week 21 Tiered Cake
Week 22 Beehive
Week 23 Peach
Week 24 Pirate Hat
Week 25 Manta Ray
Week 26 Jaws
Week 27 Pirate Ship
Week 28 Baseball Trio* (Baseball, Bat & Mitt)
Week 29 Popsicles 
Week 30 Dolphin
Week 31 Pig Face
Week 32 Chick
Week 33 Puzzles
Week 34 Peacock
Week 35 Koala
Week 36 Art Supply Trio* (Paint Brush, Crayon & Marker)
Week 37 Hiking Boots
Week 38 Topiary
Week 39 Porcupine
Week 40 Cat
Week 41 Tombstone
Week 42 Potion
Week 43 Wooden Signs
Week 44 Wheat
Week 45 Bitten Apple
Week 46 Folk Flowers
Week 47 Horse Chestnut Leaf
Week 48 Jam and Jelly
Week 49 Gift Bags
Week 50 Wreath Trio*  (Three Styles of Botanical Wreaths)
Week 51 Santa Hat
Week 52 New Year’s Even Duo* (Disco Ball & Party Horn)
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