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52 Week Drawing Tutorial - Volume 4

52 Week Drawing Tutorial - Volume 4

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Simple and easy drawing tutorials!

Receive instant access to all 52 printable downloads! Each unique drawing tutorials provides easy, step-by-step, drawing instructions that show you how to draw simple artwork and doodles.Here’s a list of what’s included in this collection!

Week 1 Cardinal
Week 2 Wild Flower Bud Vases
Week 3 Folded Banners
Week 4 Bell Pepper
Week 5 Polaroid
Week 6 Cloudy Night (Star Moon Clouds)
Week 7 Rose bud Motif
Week 8 Heart Lock
Week 9 Planets
Week 10 Barn
Week 11 Fast Food: Burger, Fries and Drink
Week 12 Basket
Week 13 Donuts
Week 14 Curly Rain Clouds
Week 15 Lighthouse
Week 16 Rocket/Spaceship
Week 17 Broccoli
Week 18 Iris Flower
Week 19 Crocus Flower
Week 20 Camera
Week 21 Taco
Week 22 Carrots and Turnips
Week 23 Birdie
Week 24 Avocado
Week 25 Paisley
Week 26 Ice Cream Sundae
Week 27 Long Stem Flowers Trio
Week 28 Strawberry
Week 29 Couch
Week 30 Sagauro Cactus
Week 31 Chess Piece Trio
Week 32 Pizza
Week 33 Teddy Bear
Week 34 Books
Week 35 Crown
Week 36 Wild Flower Bouquet
Week 37 Ball Sport
Week 38 Firefly / Lightning Bug
Week 39 Ginkgo Leaf
Week 40 Camping Trio (Tent, Marshmallows, Flashlight)
Week 41 Ornate Sun
Week 42 Pumpkin Stack
Week 43 Skull
Week 44 Tree
Week 45 Folk Flowers Tri
Week 46 Laurels
Week 47 Mistletoe
Week 48 Reindeer Face
Week 49 Gingerbread house
Week 50 Sleigh
Week 51 Christmas Pudding
Week 52 Champagne & Countdown Clock


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